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a lighthearted look at life day by day for the year 2002

December 31, 2002 - If I lose one more thing I think it will be my mind.

December 30, 2002 - The older I get the more I appreciate good friends.

December 29, 2002 - The only thing you can trust about businesses big or small is that they have their own interest at heart first.

December 28, 2002 - My agenda for the coming year is to enjoy life more before I get to old and forget how to.

December 27, 2002 - Throw out old crap, it can make room for new crap. Just be careful what you classify as crap.

December 26, 2002 - I wish life included a battery charger.

December 25, 2002 - A wonderful Xmas day, everyone healthy and together.

December 24, 2002 - Guess I should start shopping today.

December 23, 2002 - I could do without headaches. Not the day to day stuff. The ones in your head.

December 22, 2002 - Honesty is not good for some people because they live in a unrealistic world.

December 21, 2002 - Usually you can learn what a person is thinking by just asking them. Making sense of it is another matter.

December 20, 2002 - Life is about balance and I keep leaning to one side or the other.

December 19, 2002 - To many people have pieces of paper that certify them in something that they really can't do in real life.

December 18, 2002 - If only there were 25 hours in a day I could spend that hour wishing for 26 hours in a day.

December 17, 2002 - I hope to raise children with respect for others. So far so good.

December 16, 2002 - The more I know the more I realized I don't know didly.

December 15, 2002 - I'm tired of having work dictate my life. Now its time to do something about it.

December 14, 2002 - My favorite gifts are the ones that come wrapped in hugs and kisses.

December 13, 2002 - New glasses are just one more thing to keep track of. Trouble is when you lose them you are really lost.

December 12, 2002 - Expressing your creativity is a good way of maintaining your mental health.

December 11, 2002 - I met the Hitler of Dental Hygentist today. I will now floss the rest of my life.

December 10, 2002 - My hair seems to be growing faster even though there is less and less of it to grow.

December 9, 2002 -

November 17, 2002 - Keeping that positive attitude in the face of reality is a challenge and a half.

November 16, 2002 - Taking the time to know your kids is like improving on your relationship with your best friend.

November 15, 2002 - Some days are easier to deal with than others. Take Friday's for example.

November 14, 2002 - I thought eating the candy "Smarties" would help me out.

November 13, 2002 - The more you open up to other people the more you find out your problems aren't that unique.

November 12, 2002 - I'm on a mission to get in shape. I'm always successful because I'm constantly changing shapes.

November 11, 2002 - I'd enjoy reading more if I could see as well as I used to.

November 10, 2002 - Lots of leaves falling at one time reminds me of the grace of fat snowflakes falling.

November 7, 2002 - Eye doctor appointment today. He didn't believe me when I told him I couldn't see the bill.

November 6, 2002 - Panic doesn't help a dam thing.

November 5, 2002 - I have always felt that voting isn't a duty or obligation but a right and privilege.

November 4, 2002 - I recently realized that there really isn't anyone who really knows me except myself.

November 3, 2002 - One of these days I'm going to follow my wishes first.

November 2, 2002 - Mental health and working in DC don't mix.

November 1, 2002 - For those who believe discrimination is a thing of the past, think again.

October 31, 2002 - My kids first Halloween out without there parents. Kids grow up to fast.

October 30, 2002 - I'm very busy and productive. I guess its doing the wrong things because I don't seem to please anyone.

October 29, 2002 - I should have closed the pool up a few weeks ago when it was still warm.

October 28, 2002 - It healthier to make decisions for yourself instead of letting others do it.

October 27, 2002 - Most people have fewer friends than they think they have.

October 26, 2002 - People without backbone don't deserve respect.

October 25, 2002 -

October 24, 2002 - There isn't a time in life thats to late to start to eat right.

October 23, 2002 - Opportunity is something that needs to be sought out.

October 22, 2002 - Money makes people compromise values.

October 21, 2002 - Put a high price on your time. Its the one thing for all of us that is finite.

October 20, 2002 - Leaves float better than gliders.

October 19, 2002 - I know why were an intolerant society. We all have headphones on.

October 18, 2002 - Find the worst traits in others and try not to replicate them yourself.

October 17, 2002 - Be careful of what you say but even more careful about what you write.

October 16, 2002 - Time to paint the office.. Nah

October 15, 2002 - You should try something we call family night at least once a week.

October 14, 2002 - Some of the brightest people are afraid of learning new things.

October 13, 2002 - I should be more thankful for all I have been given.

October 12, 2002 - Thinking out loud is a dangerous practice.

October 11, 2002 - A rainy day with your wife isn't as bad as it sounds.

October 10, 2002 - I like the sitting part of furniture shopping. It's the getting up and down that bothers me.

October 9, 2002 - There is more to life than work but someone has yet to fill my supervisors with this thought.

October 8, 2002 - I'd rather have time off than a bonus.

October 7, 2002 - Mad sniper on the lose certainly changes the way you go about your normal habits.

October 6, 2002 - Why is it that wives have the change the color in the house every other year.

October 5, 2002 - Somehow my office desk has been acquired by my daughters schoolwork.

October 4, 2002 -

September 30, 2002 - If your working for someone other than yourself, change jobs.

September 29, 2002 - I fixed something I had no idea on where to start. A good feeling overtakes me.

September 28, 2002 - Busy would be and understatement to describe today.

September 27, 2002 - I see more panic in management than constructive guidance.

September 26, 2002 - Working is getting old, or is it me?

September 25, 2002 - When you don't know, dig deeper. When you still don't know, give it to someone else.

September 24, 2002 -

September 8, 2002 - Each day offers something special. Don't be so pissed off at the small stuff that you miss it.

September 7, 2002 - Change the oil on your car. It results in less clatter on the ride into work.

September 6, 2002 - Working on the right things is healthy.

September 5, 2002 - I've only been on my job for 4 1/2 years and I'm now the senior person on staff. Can you say turnover.

September 4, 2002 - I have to make a better effort to understand others positions. Then I can feel really justified in my condemnation.

September 3, 2002 -

August 24, 2002 - Feeling alone is not a good thing.

August 23, 2002 - I like people that speak from the heart. To bad there are so few of them.

August 22, 2002 - Never thought I'd wish for a day of rain but I'm getting concerned about having something to drink.

August 21, 2002 - To many people are concerned about being number 1.

August 20, 2002 - Wish my kids would speak to me more often with whats on their minds.

August 19, 2002 - Why is it so easy for me to remember phone numbers and forget to make that important call at the same time.

August 18, 2002 - The more people I know the more I know that less of them are true to their word.

August 17, 2002 - I am stiff today. Spent yesterday using muscles I have tried in a while.

August 16, 2002 - To bad things can't turn out in real life as they do in the movies.

August 15, 2002 - A zit on your bottom is a pain on your ass.

August 14, 2002 - I could get used to eating at restaurants all the time.

August 13, 2002 - Some people just don't value time like I do.

August 12, 2002 - I could visit Annapolis over and over.

August 11, 2002 - A day at a water park with the kids can't be beat from a dads perspective.

August 10, 2002 - One of the best things of life is the first day of vacation.

August 9, 2002 - The county fair reminds me of older times.

August 8, 2002 - The hardest people are the easiest ones to understand. Their assholes.

August 7, 2002 - Everyone needs someone to open up to.

August 6, 2002 - Even though friends leave the job its nice to see new opportunities for them also coincide.

August 5, 2002 - Pictures of good friends always bring a smile to my face. Getting together with them is a laugh riot though.

August 4, 2002 - Why I thought I could be at work this morning at 6am after going to a concert and driving back 3 hours I don't recollect.

August 3, 2002 - The Who is still the best concert band around.

August 2, 2002 - Pets have an unwavering love that most people can't even relate to. Poor people.

August 1, 2002 - I love getting email from old friends that seems to pick up the last time you saw them.

July 31, 2002 - Love is displayed in actions as well as words.

July 30, 2002 - Every day I make it back and forth from work I consider a success. Of course I commute in and out of DC so you can see the risk I take.

July 29, 2002 - Guitar riffs and motorcycles. Great combination.

July 28, 2002 - It doesn't matter how much you help some people. They never recognize it.

July 27, 2002 - One of these days the door is going to hit me in the ass.

July 26, 2002 - Hard work may be tough on the body but its good for the mind.

July 25, 2002 - Another wonderful day. My sons birthday. Happy 12th Matt.

July 24, 2002 - Would have been my parents 50th wedding anniversary today.

July 23, 2002 - I wouldn't mind being a photo editor if every picture I saw was one I took.

July 22, 2002 - Attitude day. Time to burn off more of my rear tire.

July 21, 2002 - A clean pool yields a happy family.

July 20, 2002 - Friends are a dime a dozen. True friends you only know about when the need arises.

July 19, 2002 - Pick the day you will let people know how you really feel. Keep you mouth shut till then.

July 18, 2002 - I'm tired of wasting my time on some things.

July 17, 2002 - The key to snapping out of depression is to realize there are a lot of people worse off than you. That is assuming you have something called compassion.

July 16, 2002 - There is no shortage of people willing to take credit for others work.

July 15, 2002 - I finally had the realization that work isn't everything. Only took me 3 decades to learn it though.

July 14, 2002 - Sure feels good to sleep in ones own bed again.

July 13, 2002 - If people didn't have such a sense of entitlement there would be a lot less problems in the world.

July 12, 2002 - I love sleeping to the sound of waves crashing on shore. Not a recording but the real thing.

July 11, 2002 - I like building sand creatures on the beach.

July 10, 2002 - Spend part of every day about thinking and doing something for better physical and mental health.

July 9, 2002 - I still miss you dad.

July 8, 2002 - To bad we don't have a week a month as vacation.

July 7, 2002 - Sunburn is a very redding experience.

July 6, 2002 - There is never a bad day to start vacation

July 5, 2002 - Purge some old things to make room for the new.

July 4, 2002 - The first 4th that you worry about the wrong type of fireworks going off.

July 3, 2002 - Things are very clear if you look at them closely enough.

July 2, 2002 - Think I'll pave my yard. Half the summer, the grass is dead anyway.

July 1, 2002 - Some people live for the fight. By not playing the game you win.

June 30, 2002 - If you only follow through with a few commitments, make sure they are the ones for your children.

June 29, 2002 - I don't need muscle relaxers. My couch does a fine job at it so far.

June 28, 2002 - Haircuts with my son are cool. Daughters first extended visit away. I miss her.

June 27, 2002 - My favorite bassist (John Entwistle) of my favorite band (The Who) passed today. Thanks for all the wonderful memories.

June 26, 2002 - Dreaming of being on my boat on the bay or ocean. Dam dreams.

June 25, 2002 - Swimming with kids can make you years younger. After the swim. During it you just try to keep them from drowning you.

June 24, 2002 - People who are neighbors who have the most distance between them seem to be the closest of friend while those living on top of one another seem to be the worst enemies.

June 23, 2002 - Never think you are your own best doctor or pyshcologist. But don't discount your feelings.

June 22, 2002 - Grilling out during the summer is a pleasant experience.

June 21, 2002 - I don't think I was born with the ability to cope with Management.

June 20, 2002 - Don't wait for that midlife crisis. Invent one if needed.

June 19, 2002 - New battery for the motorcycle certainly recharged my battery.

June 18, 2002 - Even if I clean my desk its only clean till I have to do something.

June 17, 2002 - Creative thought is hard to come by some days.

June 16, 2002 - New windows in the house lead you to see things more clearly.

June 15, 2002 - Having correct posture is a less of a pain in my back.

June 14, 2002 - It's hard to keep the energy to keep things like this current.

June 13, 2002 - Friends keep you from heart attacks.

June 12, 2002 - I believe a thought is more powerful of a weapon than conventional items.

June 11, 2002 - Keeping things simple can lead to a longer life.

June 10, 2002 - Putting up a temporary table in your basement means it will be in that same spot for the next 5 years.

June 8, 2002 - Good weather should equal fun and not more yard work.

June 7, 2002 - Patience is something your learn as you go along.

June 6, 2002 - I need something to turn my mode around.

June 5, 2002 - Feel proud of your accomplishments, for those around you rarely give you your due.

June 4, 2002 - Time with your kids is priceless.

June 3, 2002 - A fairly stressless Monday. Imagine that.

June 2, 2002 - Another birthday. Keep'em coming.

June 1, 2002 - Wonder what they call sunburn on top of sunburn.

May 31, 2002 - A productive week at work still isn't as satisfying as playing a game with my kids.

May 30, 2002 - Discovered I have some very committed coworkers today.

May 29, 2002 - Wish I had a road map for life. I keep taking the wrong shortcut.

May 28, 2002 - Sometimes we take the most precious things for granted.

May 27, 2002 - Even the people who you might think don't have a clue about anything will surprise you.

May 26, 2002 - Reading is good entertainment.

May 25, 2002 - Knocking yourself out for a paycheck. Remember the other parts of life pay off well also if you give them time.

May 24, 2002 - A hard shutdown for a human is a heart attack.

May 23, 2002 - I'm going to miss the Far Side desk calendar next year.

May 22, 2002 - Time to change my office. Its far to predictable.

May 21, 2002 - Love those NBA playoffs.

May 20, 2002 - Security is a false state of mind.

May 19, 2002 - Underground caves are cool places.

May 18, 2002 - A wet, damp and cloudy day at the amusement park still beats a wet, damp and cloudy day at home.

May 17, 2002 - One of the quickest weeks at work on record. Seemed like just yesterday it was Monday morning. Now once I cut the grass, trim the trees, rake the yard, clean the pool, sweep the deck, take the kids to their games, I'll have a chance to relax.

May 16, 2002 - I think some of my friends have figured out that there is more to life than the job. Trouble is they are the ones that can't pay their bills.

May 15, 2002 - Slowly working on my tan. I'll have to increase the brightness on my monitor screen again.

May 14, 2002 - Should have charged the bike battery yesterday.

May 13, 2002 - When did motorcycle helmets get so expensive. Its not like their protecting a lot in my case.

May 12, 2002 - I hate spiders but I'm looking forward to seeing the new Spiderman movie.

May 11, 2002 - Reading opens new trains of thought. Guess society is reading less now days.

May 10, 2002 - Listen to new music once in a while and expand your horizons.

May 9, 2002 - It used to be about the beat of the tune. Then the lyrics became important. Now its both.

May 8, 2002 -

May 7, 2002 -

May 6, 2002 -

May 5, 2002 - Yankee wisdom. Don't get excited about the Red Sox now, for you know in August they will fade like a rock.

May 4, 2002 - Rednecks are people who cut their own grass.

May 3, 2002 - A weeks worth of work can be wiped out in a meeting.

May 2, 2002 - I have to admit that exercise in the morning is easier to do regularly than later in the day.

May 1, 2002 - Bush doesn't get grief as President because nobody can believe he is President.

April 30, 2002 - Anticipation of flight is usually worse than the flight itself.

April 29, 2002 - I enjoy my family more each day as I get older.

April 28, 2002 - A rainy Sunday isn't necessarily a bad thing.

April 27, 2002 - First sunburn of the season already. Ouch!

April 26, 2002 - Peoples attitudes really improved today. Oh thats right its Friday.

April 25, 2002 - Happy 40th birthday to a great friend. Way to go Kimbo

April 24, 2002 - Even today was a long day at work by my standards.

April 23, 2002 - Love the taste of the first cherry snowball of the season.

April 21, 2002 - Working from home is not a good thing if its being done in the middle of the night.

April 20, 2002 - A proud day, my daughters confirmation.

April 19, 2002 - Its not a good day when you try to take off at noon and actually get out at 6pm.

April 18, 2002 - I like taking a walk at lunchtime. It shows me there's more to life than that tube that stares back at me all day.

April 17, 2002 - I'm not big on compromises.

April 16, 2002 - I need to watch more comedy shows and laugh.

April 15, 2002 - Recycling is work. But it feels like the right thing to do.

April 14, 2002 - My son is a good artist among other things.

April 13, 2002 - Its good to have long conversations with old friends.

April 12, 2002 - I'm starting to learn more from my elders on the job. Of course they aren't the ones in management.

April 11, 2002 - The business card is becoming obsolete.

April 10, 2002 - The job gets old when it dominates other aspects of life.

April 9, 2002 - I love free motorcycle magazines.

April 8, 2002 - I think pain is natures way of reminding you that your getting older.

April 7, 2002 - Being sent to the satellite office once in a blue moon isn't bad. Its a nice break from the routine.

April 6, 2002 - When given a chance people will surprise you with how nice they can be.

April 5, 2002 -

March 23, 2002 - Changing colors of your suroundings is good for the spirit.

March 22, 2002 - Love watching the Terps hoop team play good ball this time of year. Only 3 more to go.

March 21, 2002 - Some days are better than others. Guess I'll have to wait till Friday to see if that holds true.

March 20, 2002 - Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the world.

March 19, 2002 - The only time I don't worry about my car getting me from a to b is when its sitting in the driveway.

March 18, 2002 - One shouldn't try to do a blue collar job with white collar hands.

March 17, 2002 - Getting up early on a Sunday morning isn't that bad.

March 16, 2002 - I find it very hard to get agreement in the medical profession. With the possible exception of they need more money for research.

March 15, 2002 - The reason newspapers aren't as popular as they once were is because we have become lazy. Its to easy to watch tube for a quick news fix than read.

March 14, 2002 - I think I'll open my pool up early this year in anticipation of global warming.

March 13, 2002 - Time to charge the battery on the mower and motorcycle.

March 12, 2002 - I love watching kids trying to invent new things.

March 11, 2002 - I have to start learning to accept change better.

March 10, 2002 - Too bad things can't stay the same once they are going good.

March 9, 2002 - I'm very tired and getting more stressed out by the day.

March 8, 2002 - When your children aren't happy its very hard for you to be happy.

March 7, 2002 - Life has a way of changing your perspective once in a while.

March 6, 2002 - Things don't succeed because to many people have only their interest at heart.

March 5, 2002 - Time to siphon off the pool cover.

March 4, 2002 - I am getting better at accomplishing more of late.

March 3, 2002 - Some people collect things. I like collecting experiences.

March 2, 2002 - Laughter is something that close friends enjoy together.

March 1, 2002 - Thinking about the baseball season starting. Somehow I enjoyed it more as a kid.

February 28, 2002 - The days I start with a prayer seem to be less stressful.

February 27, 2002 - I think I'm going to start thinking of myself a little more, once in a while.

February 26, 2002 - At times I feel at a total lose for a creative thought.

February 25, 2002 - Ever wonder what shoe people put on first most often?

February 24, 2002 - I think I need some new pictures on my office wall.

February 23, 2002 - I always feel better after getting a haircut even thought that was one of the worst things I could get 20 years ago.

February 22, 2002 - Frustration is something that you experience as your parents age.

February 21, 2002 - Not dealing with issues head on is avoiding reality.

February 20, 2002 - Its very important to remember lessons that life teaches you.

February 19, 2002 - Thank you Uncle Frank for all you did for me. RIP. I mean this in the most respectful way.

February 18, 2002 - The only good thing about the end of a 3 day weekend is the knowledge that its followed by a 4 day weekend.

February 17, 2002 - Nothing like Maryland beating Duke when they are, excuse me, were number 1.

February 16, 2002 - Each parent should buy something the child really wants once in a while.

February 15, 2002 - I'm forced to play politics. I don't like it and will denounce it every chance I get.

February 14, 2002 - I wish the phrase "you win some, you lose some" didn't have to apply to some situations.

February 13, 2002 - Looks like its going to be up to me to start setting limits with my job sense they can't.

February 12, 2002 - Tired is falling asleep at the keyboard.

February 11, 2002 - I have found the equal for used car salesman. They are replacement window salesman.

February 10, 2002 - I'm allowing myself to be proud of small accomplishments and it feels good.

February 9, 2002 - I wish that young people didn't try to copy the individual style of the NBA players today.

February 8, 2002 - Its always a good thing to make your parents happy.

February 7, 2002 - Some people get away with murder on the job.

February 6, 2002 - A missing word and action in todays world is respect.

February 5, 2002 - Its amazing there aren't more accidents on the road than there actually are.

February 4, 2002 - I sort of miss snow even though I hate having to face it on a weekday.

February 3, 2002 - Spend your time doing things you will be remembered for and not thinking about how to be remembered.

February 2, 2002 - Happiness is attending the annual motorcycle show.

February 1, 2002 - The sky showed me a new shade of purple today and it was beautiful.

January 31, 2002 - This was a tough week at work because it was a week and a half.

January 30, 2002 - Pain has a way of making you appreciate all that time you felt good.

January 29, 2002 - I'm not a big fan of the word maybe.

January 28, 2002 - So much is wasted in people not thinking they are capable of more.

January 27, 2002 - Afternoon naps on Sunday are what the doctor ordered after an allnighter.

January 26, 2002 - I love watching my kids play sports. They have had the benefit of wonderful coaches.

January 25, 2002 - Happy birthday to my best half.

January 24, 2002 - I have learned that large businesses are doomed to fail because they don't listen.

January 23, 2002 - I can't believe this is the last year I'll be looking at a new Far Side Desk calendar.

January 22, 2002 - Its amazing what one can accomplish in one day.

January 21, 2002 - A day off spent shopping is a wasted day.

January 20, 2002 - The first snow of the winter is a beautiful thing. Especially on a Saturday.

January 19, 2002 - I don't harbor to much ill will against people but there is one guy at work that I would just like to see leave.

January 18, 2002 - Some people have their eyes open but never see beauty.

January 17, 2002 - I can't wait till I can get another car. Should only be another 50 thousand miles or so.

January 16, 2002 - Photography is a very satisfying art to me.

January 15, 2002 - I can see the bottom of my desk finally. I wonder why they call it the top?

January 14, 2002 - Its not who finishes first. Its who finish's and is happy with the results.

January 13, 2002 - I like the shape of that new Harley VROD.

January 12, 2002 - I don't know why I use a notepad still at times when I have a computer in front of me.

January 11, 2002 - Glasses are now part of may daily list of things I now have to cart around.

January 10, 2002 - Relax, its only a job.

January 9, 2002 - Pinched nerves are nasty to live with.

January 8, 2002 - Ice cream and I must part ways for a while in my effort to see my feet again.

January 7, 2002 - I just love a Sunday with no plans. Just a fire and some football along with a few chores.

January 6, 2002 - Splitting wood is good for the heart rate. It also relieves tension

January 5, 2002 - The Xmas tree goes outside, the holiday season is over.

January 4, 2002 - Wonderful news today of someone very close being healthy.

January 3, 2002 - The end of college football season. No more Woohhhh Nellies from Keith Jackson till next year.

January 2, 2002 - I'm still very proud of the Terps Football season despite their poor showing in the Orange Bowl.

January 1, 2002 - Resolution 1 - Stop cheating myself by expecting and living with to little effort.