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a lighthearted look at life day by day for the year 2001

December 31, 2001 - I think I'll make fewer resolutions and try harder to keep them.

December 30, 2001 - Time to build a fire and watch some football.

December 29, 2001 - I need to stop thinking about all the things that bother me and think about how lucky I am.

December 28, 2001 - It has been quite the emotional year, hasn't it!

December 27, 2001 - Our goal today is to please our parents. Going to a dinner theater tonight.

December 26, 2001 - I'd exchange all my gifts for some respect from daughter. But then again she's 13 so I may be hoping for to much.

December 25, 2001 - Merry Xmas. May yours be greeted with more love than mine.

December 24, 2001 - The older I get the more I dislike the holiday season.

December 23, 2001 - Some people just can't help themselves from being negative sarcastic jerks.

December 22, 2001 - I like the way today started. Lets see if my luck continues.

December 21, 2001 - Old friends are the best friends.

December 20, 2001 - One of these days I'm going to learn not to let other people get to me.

December 19, 2001 - Basketball practice is fun.

December 18, 2001 - Ones view is limited to ones thoughts.

December 17, 2001 - Life is worth being excited about. Its those screwed up moments that make you question it.

December 16, 2001 - Peoples expectations are unrealistic to put it mildly.

December 15, 2001 - Sometimes I think some of the hardships I experienced as a youth made me better as I aged.

December 14, 2001 - When you step back and look at things we really haven't changed much over the ages.

December 13, 2001 - I realized recently that I don't count for much. Except for the lone vote of my own.

December 12, 2001 - For some unknown reason I feel like time is getting limited.

December 11, 2001 - People get so wrapped up in sports. I love them but not so much that it dominates my life.

December 10, 2001 - I live to make my kids smile.

December 9, 2001 - Give yourself a pep talk once in a while. Lord knows nobody else will.

December 8, 2001 - Ever notice how music from your youth always sounds better as you age.

December 7, 2001 - Never forget the meaning of this day please.

December 6, 2001 - I think I'd still be rich even if I didn't have any money.

December 5, 2001 - Clouds are like people, no two are alike.

December 4, 2001 - Some people can suck the life out of you.

December 3, 2001 - Up early on a Monday morning. Another bad decision to start the week.

December 2, 2001 - It is possible to be lonely even when surrounded by people.

December 1, 2001 - Life restructuring begins.

November 30, 2001 - Its over!

November 29, 2001 - Meetings are the biggest waste of time in business today because they aren't run properly.

November 28, 2001 - Peoples expectations are a moving target.

November 27, 2001 - I find that most people are dishonest.

November 26, 2001 - Beauty is a V-Twin.

November 25, 2001 - I may actually get my office cleaned today.

November 24, 2001 - A day spent with the guys can extend your life.

November 23, 2001 - If I could apply myself better I might accomplish more.

November 22, 2001 - A crisis is a crisis when someone notices it.

November 21, 2001 - Cars can be a pain in the ear. That is if you horn gets stuck on and you can't find the wire to disconnect it.

November 20, 2001 - Hard copy documentation is good. Especially when your system crashes.

November 19, 2001 - I don't aspire to be in charge anymore at work. To much politics involved.

November 18, 2001 - Getting along with family is a daily adventure.

November 17, 2001 - Keeping bad habits at bay is a difficult task at best.

November 16, 2001 - Make the effort to keep in touch with friends even though they may not be as diligent.

November 15, 2001 - Never give up. Unless someone has a gun on you.

November 14, 2001 - Its nice to see the flag displayed everywhere.

November 13, 2001 - Calendars are reminders as to how fast time goes by.

November 12, 2001 - Feeling good about ones self is important to survival.

November 11, 2001 - I have now seen a disaster plan that is a disaster.

November 10, 2001 - Injuries take longer to heal as we get older.

November 9, 2001 - I like going back and looking at old photos.

November 8, 2001 - I can see my desktop again and now I feel the day is a success.

November 7, 2001 - I have a friend with a TV in every room in his house. Obviously no wife.

November 6, 2001 - A good coach of young children is worth their weight in gold.

November 5, 2001 - We are all too hard on refs.

November 4, 2001 - Its a shame that people seem to take advantage of people who are giving in nature.

November 3, 2001 - A 70 degree Saturday in November is a special day.

November 2, 2001 - Bomb threats against ones place of work is not something to take lightly.

November 1, 2001 - Hard work feels really good some days.

October 31, 2001 - I think we ought to use some of those big missiles we have in the ground on a certain country.

October 30, 2001 - Buy a shed, your tractor will love you for it.

October 29, 2001 - I'm going to try to start the day with a positive attitude despite it being a Monday

October 28, 2001 - Taking the kids swing set down brings back many pleasant memories.

October 27, 2001 - I think my son is going to be a better athlete than I ever was.

October 26, 2001 - I just love having a Friday off.

October 25, 2001 - Twenty First Anniversary today. Boy that woman of mine is patient.

October 24, 2001 - A good nights sleep is worth its weight in gold.

October 23, 2001 - I wonder what year they are going to stop printing phone books.

October 22, 2001 - I should go to the dump more often I'm told.

October 21, 2001 - I hope peoples faith doesn't end with flag waving.

October 20, 2001 - Time to purge my stacks of old catalogs.

October 19, 2001 - Its nice to have friends at work.

October 18, 2001 - I just love long weekends. They just don't come often enough though.

October 17, 2001 - Got to love them Yankees.

October 16, 2001 - The older you get the more important your health gets.

October 15, 2001 - If you dislike Mondays it means your gainfully employed.

October 14, 2001 - I hate being up on my roof.

October 13, 2001 - The more you help someone else the more help reaches you when you need it.

October 12, 2001 - There are too many people on the road who shouldn't have a license.

October 11, 2001 - Youth thinks it can change the world. You know they just might be right this time.

October 10, 2001 - I'm going to start wearing headphones at work like everyone else.

October 9, 2001 - I just decided that my 17" monitor is too small.

October 8, 2001 - Some people are just to plain forgiving.

October 7, 2001 - I have made the turn and have now lost some weight. Not enough but I'll take the start.

October 6, 2001 - I've learned to pray more often for those who are sick.

October 5, 2001 - A pen with your name on it is soon to disappear.

October 4, 2001 - I wish I knew how to get as thin as I once was.

October 3, 2001 - Winterizing the pool is very depressing.

October 2, 2001 - One should call friends as often as possible.

October 1, 2001 - I can watch waves against the shore for hours and never feel bored.

September 30, 2001 - I need some new fingers. The ones I have seem to be slowing down.

September 29, 2001 - Going back to a college university makes one feel young again, even if it is just for a football game.

September 28, 2001 - Its time to learn a new skill, not that I've mastered the old ones I'm just bored.

September 27, 2001 - I have a new appreciation for people who suffer from headaches.

September 26, 2001 - Photographs can be very moving objects.

September 25, 2001 - Life is a balancing act. I just need a bigger rope to stand on.

September 24, 2001 - Its amazing that the floppy disk still exist.

September 23, 2001 - I don't like wearing glasses but the idea of putting contacts in my eyes makes it easier.

September 22, 2001 - One of these days I'm going to get a comfortable office chair.

September 21, 2001 - Some people who you don't count as friends sometimes surprise you.

September 20, 2001 - I wish I could concentrate more clearly on what I'm doing. First I have to figure out what I'm doing.

September 19, 2001 - Its wonderful to see so many people pull together.

September 18, 2001 - Time may ease the pain but it will never erase the memory.

September 17, 2001 - Making your children laugh is a good feeling.

September 16, 2001 - Money isn't everything but its a bitch when your broke.

September 15, 2001 - Life returning to what was normal routine but normal isn't the same anymore.

September 14, 2001 - Many prayers are with those who lost their loved ones.

September 13, 2001 - Repeat of yesterday.

September 12, 2001 - Sadness, anger, mourning, prayer, hate, revenge. A lot to feel in one day.

September 11, 2001 - Words can not express what we have seen today. Also happy birthday mom.

September 10, 2001 - A lot of people only care about what you can do for THEM.

September 9, 2001 - Ever feel like your on call even when someone else is supposed to be on call.

September 8, 2001 - I wish the cell phone was never invented.

September 7, 2001 - Music takes me to many different places.

September 6, 2001 - I wish my artwork was good enough to make a living off of.

September 5, 2001 - Some people say they are sorry so often that it doesn't really mean anything at all.

September 4, 2001 - It's been a long time sense I've had the time to watch a movie from start to finish.

September 3, 2001 - I should have brought stock in digital cameras a long time ago when I purchased my first one.

September 2, 2001 - You don't have to believe the commercials. Just ask any Ford truck owner how tough they are.

September 1, 2001 - I keep to much inside me. Therefore more people live another day.

August 31, 2001 - You got to love high speed internet access.

August 30, 2001 - Home repair is a never ending task.

August 29, 2001 - I still can't get used to wearing glasses.

August 28, 2001 - Everyone should go 140 mph at least once in their lives.

August 27, 2001 - In Columbia you can only enter south entrance road from the north.

August 26, 2001 - Kids are bummed out. Its the last day of summer vacation.

August 25, 2001 - Notice how some people who gripe the most have the least reason for it?

August 24, 2001 - Every once is a while, life comes up and lands a strong right to your gut. Get well Michael.

August 23, 2001 - Getting off work early somehow seems like cheating to me.

August 22, 2001 - Nothing like a cold to make you appreciate a box of Kleenex.

August 21, 2001 - Nothing like a photograph that makes you think.

August 20, 2001 - The first day back to work isn't bad. Its all the ones that follow that make it hell.

August 19, 2001 - The last day of vacation is depressing.

August 18, 2001 - My son learned how to ride the tractor today. He loved it.

August 17, 2001 - The National Zoo in Washington is a nice place to spend a day.

August 16, 2001 - Learn to view things from many different perspectives.

August 15, 2001 - I hope today is the day I start taking better care of myself.

August 14, 2001 - Deciding to take a tree down is the easy part. Having it fall the right way is the hard part.

August 13, 2001 - I actually enjoyed a day at the mall today. What a miracle.

August 12, 2001 - I need a staff of people to get all the things on my list done.

August 11, 2001 - Its good to see old friends again.

August 10, 2001 - I'm very proud of my son.

August 9, 2001 - I like the idea of saving for the future but being that were not guaranteed any it seems like I should go for the moment.

August 8, 2001 - Decision of the day. Going to redo my office.

August 7, 2001 - Sinus problems are not just a pain in the nose.

August 6, 2001 - A big day at the job is still second in line to seeing your families faces.

August 5, 2001 - I have yet to meet a Danish person I don't like.

August 4, 2001 - Where can I by the type of phone cord that doesn't tangle?

August 3, 2001 - Listen to your parents, talk to your children.

August 2, 2001 - I get tired of looking at calendars. They remind me how fast life is going by.

August 1, 2001 - I need a new bookcase. At least thats what my wife tells me.

July 31, 2001 - A day that summer partiers get their second wind, knowing that reality is only a few weeks away.

July 30, 2001 - Nothing like a real fountain Cherry Ice Cream Soda.

July 29, 2001 - Dinner with parents when they are in their golden years is very fun.

July 28, 2001 - Animal House is one of the all time great movies.

July 27, 2001 - Some people when talking should put themselves in the place of the listener. They might talk a lot less.

July 25, 2001 - Happy birthday son.

July 24, 2001 - Placing others above oneself is a disservice to them and yourself.

July 23, 2001 - RIP K. Graham. A wonderful person by all accounts. But maybe the best publisher of all time.

July 22, 2001 - Quarterly financial reports are like watching the stocks daily but with a lot less worry.

July 21, 2001 - Learn about someone else's business. It will open your eyes.

July 20, 2001 - Dam, I love getting off early on Friday's.

July 19, 2001 - I'm getting tired of cutting grass already and its only July.

July 18, 2001 - My favorite footwear is a pair of flip flops.

July 17, 2001 - I don't do white water.

July 16, 2001 - Perspective is a very important when judging your condition.

July 15, 2001 - Coming home from vacation means coming back to reality.

July 14, 2001 - You know your getting older when sunburn affects your scalp.

July 13, 2001 - Help teach your children how to love life and how to help others do the same.

July 12, 2001 - Waking up overlooking the ocean is a very pleasurable experience.

July 11, 2001 - Its not the size of the bed you sleep on, its how your back feels in the morning.

July 10, 2001 - Making reservations doesn't mean your going to get a great meal.

July 9, 2001 - My wife just hates it when I bring my computer on vacation.

July 8, 2001 - Its amazing how fast children pick up on traditions.

July 7, 2001 - There isn't a thing as too much sunshine.

July 6, 2001 - If I had a choice of suits to live in the rest of my life it would be my bathing suit.

July 5, 2001 - My favorite board is a boogy board.

July 4, 2001 - A day where we all seem to get along better. Happy 4th.

July 3, 2001 - Some people expect you to do their work for them. Don't let them succeed.

July 2, 2001 - Good friends make life good. Having a lot of good friends makes life great.

July 1, 2001 - I'm very glad to say that my kids will grow up to be smarter than I am.

June 30, 2001 - Yard cut, pool vacuumed, oil changed. Now the rain starts. Life ain't fair.

June 29, 2001 - I think someone got a message across that made them think before they speak next time.

June 28, 2001 - Faith is nice but it should be based in reality.

June 27, 2001 - If you have to travel on something called a beltway. Switch jobs.

June 26, 2001 - Do something with your life. It will give you something to be proud of.

June 25, 2001 - Boy summertime goes fast.

June 24, 2001 - Despite being very tired from all the hard work I have a smile on my face.

June 23, 2001 - Nothing better than a hug when you need one the most.

June 22, 2001 - The older I get the faster I type.

June 21, 2001 - Some people are just born assholes. I don't know why I let them get to me though.

June 20, 2001 - Success comes to those who keep trying.

June 19, 2001 - Treat everyone you run into like its your last day on earth.

June 18, 2001 - Do something for your children each day and hope you live to see the results.

June 17, 2001 - Happiness is knowing what you have and appreciating it.

June 16, 2001 - Getting up early makes it feel like you got a head start on everyone else.

June 15, 2001 - Looks like another championship night. Way to go Lakers

June 14, 2001 - Working long and hard in other terms is hard labor.

June 13, 2001 - The most important thing you can keep is memories.

June 12, 2001 - Society must be feeling bad with all the hurt we inflict upon each other.

June 11, 2001 - Weather is like time, it comes and goes.

June 10, 2001 - I don't know why I didn't enjoy learning more when I was younger.

June 9, 2001 - Each person should schedule part of their day just for laughter.

June 8, 2001 - The longer I'm at home the bigger the mess in my office.

June 7, 2001 - I guess I should break down and buy a CD player.

June 6, 2001 - Wondering what its like to be without pain today.

June 5, 2001 - Healthy marrige tip 1001, Don't watch Oprah with your wife. Your bound to say something wrong.

June 4, 2001 - Reading is good for the mind. It's just getting tougher on the eyes though.

June 3, 2001 - Where there are snake skins, there are snakes.

June 2, 2001 - Its a good day to be alive. Its my birthday and I can do whatever I want and not get grief.

June 1, 2001 - I like a good rainout once in a while.

May 31, 2001 - I have to get busy and open the pool soon or the kids are going to lynch me.

May 30, 2001 - I still listen to the Beatles and their music still sounds fresh.

May 29, 2001 - Time is going way to fast. Must mean something rude is about to happen.

May 28, 2001 -

May 21, 2001 - Its good to be alert on the road no matter the time.

May 20, 2001 - My daughter just got her first bikini. I asked her were the rest of the suit was.

May 19, 2001 - Jet lag is for real.

May 18, 2001 - I know why things are so screwed up now. Just look at all the kids not getting any guidance.

May 17, 2001 - Hard work is very rewarding sometimes.

May 16, 2001 - Try eating something you've never tried. You might like it.

May 15, 2001 - Being 4,000 miles from home is tough.

May 14, 2001 - Music makes my feet want to play drums.

May 13, 2001 - Finland is a nice country. If you like cold.

May 12, 2001 - It's not the flying that bothers me. It's being stuffed into a plane with hundreds of other people on top of you.

May 11, 2001 - A barstool and my butt used to be very good friends at one time.

May 10, 2001 - A monitor is the window to the electronic world.

May 9, 2001 - I wonder how many calendars I have left to go?

May 8, 2001 - Working in a cube is depressing.

May 7, 2001 - I hope I live to have some young kid call me an old fart.

May 6, 2001 - This is the greatest culture in the world and the worst at the same time.

May 5, 2001 - To loss ones memory is to die.

May 4, 2001 - Sometimes I place far to much importance on my job.

May 3, 2001 - A drop ceiling is exactly that when it gets wet.

May 2, 2001 - Whoever thought of putting wheels on chairs likes to drive.

May 1, 2001 - The smell of bacon in the morning is like a drug.

April 30, 2001 - Patience with your parents is something we all should practice.

April 29, 2001 - The only good weed is a dead weed.

April 28, 2001 - Its easy to be critical of others. Try it on yourself once in a while for a reality check.

April 27, 2001 - Just when you think real problems won't affect your kids, they do.

April 26, 2001 -

April 16, 2001 - Going to church helps me not choke the living crap out of some people.

April 15, 2001 - No matter how much you disagree with some family members, they are still family.

April 14, 2001 - I now have more computers than TV sets.

April 13, 2001 - The Tax Man comeith.

April 12, 2001 - Its nice to have the kids on spring break. It kind of refreshes me also. Even though I still have to work.

April 11, 2001 - Bad habits are the hardest to overcome.

April 10, 2001 - A good pen runs out of ink. A bad pen won't write when you need it but will when you don't.

April 9, 2001 - I used to wonder where all the broadcast sporting events went to. Then I got a satellite dish and found them.

April 8, 2001 - It feels good to volunteer once in a while.

April 7, 2001 - I now know what it is to have everything and nothing at the same time.

April 6, 2001 - Food shopping I see has been refined to an art by some.

April 5, 2001 - Some companies do everything in their power to drive the best customers away. The only revenge is watching them go out of business because of this practice.

April 4, 2001 - I hate sanding outside when its windy.

April 3, 2001 - How quickly some people forget your worth.

April 2, 2001 - I return to the real world. I got a day shift position at work.

April 1, 2001 - Don't stop looking for that honest contractor. They are out there between the hundreds of guys waiting to rip you off.

March 31, 2001 - A great year for the Maryland Terps Basketball team. I just hate Duke even more now!

March 30, 2001 - I spoke to a 5th grade group yesterday. I must have done well because they say I was as interesting as the dinosaurs guy.

March 29, 2001 - I have underestimated the intelligence of 5th graders.

March 28, 2001 - Trying to right a wrong is harder than not doing the wrong in the first place.

March 27, 2001 - The phone is an evil invention. At least the ringing part.

March 26, 2001 - Family history is an important thing to pass on.

March 25, 2001 - I find myself appreciating accomplishments more. Guess I'm having fewer of them.

March 24, 2001 - The secret to success is still outworking the other guy.

March 23, 2001 - Lifting weights is all concentration.

March 22, 2001 - Got to love that Maryland Terps basketball team.

March 21, 2001 - When you think about how quickly the time that you've lived has passed it makes you more appreciative of the time in front of you.

March 20, 2001 - Getting cards of appreciation with messages from the heart are the best.

March 19, 2001 - Beverage sales is a fluid business.

March 18, 2001 - To bad the radio has to have commercials. It would be pretty good otherwise.

March 17, 2001 - Everyone should eat so much they can't move at least once in their lifetime.

March 16, 2001 - I just got addicted to computer games.

March 15, 2001 - I think I drink to many sodas a day.

March 14, 2001 - I need to get back to school.

March 13, 2001 - I would like a bigger house and a smaller payment.

March 12, 2001 - I'm not a big fan of Network Solutions.

March 11, 2001 - Its nice hearing from old friends and picking up conversation like it was just yesterday that you saw them.

March 10, 2001 - I need to work on caring for others more.

March 9, 2001 - Spend more time with your kids. It pays great dividends.

March 8, 2001 - Charging my motorcycle battery also recharges mine.

March 7, 2001 - Life is to short to accomplish all that I have in my mind.

March 6, 2001 - I have to stop using the floor as part of my desk.

March 5, 2001 - Snow this close to spring isn't a welcome sight.

March 4, 2001 - Love those Sundays with nothing to do. To bad there is only one or two a year.

March 3, 2001 - Whoever said being organized saves time was full of crap. It takes me forever to get organized and its never done.

March 2, 2001 - I now know what the word acerbic means. I also know that I have lost respect for my bosses.

March 1, 2001 - Its the people who think they know you that misjudge you the most.

February 28, 2001 - A good life is a series of small victories.

February 27, 2001 - Days with financial uncertainly seem like they are upon us again. Oh thats right, we elected a Republican.

February 26, 2001 - A day with children is a wonderful thing.

February 25, 2001 - I have more salt on my car than in my shaker.

February 24, 2001 - To see what our education system is doing for you, go to a fast food restaurant and see if they can take and order and have a come to the right total.

February 23, 2001 - Most things are better done in moderation. Its just more fun to do them full bore.

February 22, 2001 - Who would have thought that I would still like head banging music well into my 40s.

February 21, 2001 - Its not the quantity of hours you work. Its what you do with the time.

February 20, 2001 - The sun comes up, kids run and play, everyone goes to work, and life goes on.

February 19, 2001 - Shock turns to disbelief, then reality hits. Remember to enjoy life each day.

February 18, 2001 - Daytona will never be the same for me.

February 17, 2001 - Degrees and certificates don't always add up to intelligence.

February 16, 2001 - May daughter is going to get a phone in her room. Guess I should order that second line while I'm at it.

February 15, 2001 - That double yellow line running down the center of the road mean less and less each day.

February 14, 2001 -

February 13, 2001 - Some of my best decisions are by accident.

February 12, 2001 - The problem with this country is that it is to self absorbed.

February 11, 2001 - Exercise has to be done with a goal in mind.

February 10, 2001 - Everyone wants respect. Some just don't devote any energy in attaining it.

February 9, 2001 - I have to ask myself why self paced classes don't work for me.

February 8, 2001 - Exercise may be good for the mind but its tough on the body.

February 7, 2001 - Life is a series of extension cords.

February 6, 2001 - Just love that frozen pizza for breakfast.

February 5, 2001 - Take the time to watch it snow once in a while. Its good medicine.

February 4, 2001 - I think my son is going to be a better athlete than I was. Thank goodness.

February 3, 2001 - Cats are easy animals to spoil.

February 2, 2001 - Technology is still far to complex for most people.

February 1, 2001 - Work smarter is a contradiction in terms.

January 31, 2001 - I love the last day in January. It means winter is on its way out.

January 30, 2001 - Happy birthday sister. I think we be getting old.

January 29, 2001 - I just love the day after the Super Bowl being that I'm off already and don't have to wake up to call in sick.

January 28, 2001 - Congrats to a hard working Team- Baltimore Ravens - Super Bowl Champs

January 27, 2001 - My last Saturday of work for some time to come.

January 26, 2001 - One of these days I'm going to learn how to eat right.

January 25, 2001 - Happy birthday to a wonderful wife. She has to be. She puts up with me.

January 24, 2001 - Happy birthday dad.

January 23, 2001 - I'm having trouble with reality. It really blows from time to time.

January 22, 2001 - M&M's should be classified as a possibly addictive substance.

January 21, 2001 - One should take a break from touching a computer every once in a while.

January 20, 2001 - I have to get a better backup system.

January 19, 2001 - I'm a Coke addict. Just got to love those twelve packs.

January 18, 2001 - Some music never gets old. It just gains more meaning.

January 17, 2001 - I love the fact that my son is very conscious of others feelings.

January 16, 2001 - Working out is a sweat. The pain comes after I stop.

January 15, 2001 - I've got to get back to a regular schedule sometime in my lifetime.

January 14, 2001 - If you think all the crazy people in this world are locked up, your wrong. Just go for a drive.

January 13, 2001 - I hope to never lose that thing inside me which says things can get better.

January 12, 2001 - I'm glad to get back to work. No I haven't lost my mind, I've just been sick for a week.

January 11, 2001 - I need a larger desk or less junk.

January 10, 2001 - Family is something not to be taken for granted.

January 9, 2001 - It's amazing what you find when cleaning your office.

January 8, 2001 - Expectations live in others.

January 7, 2001 - Why is it that people in charge have the most warped sense of right and wrong?

January 6, 2001 - Some commercials are better than the shows that fill the space between them.

January 5, 2001 - I try not to live for revenge but then I think of Telemarketers.

January 4, 2001 - Dreams can feel so real at times.

January 3, 2001 - It's great when your home football team is winning.

January 2, 2001 - Over 100 of my friends retired today. What a bummer.

January 1, 2001 - I'm going to make year a new start for myself.