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a lighthearted look at life day by day for the year 1999

December 31,1999 - A very lonely night when spent alone.

December 30,1999 - Football is a beautiful sport from a distance. Up close, it's very painful.

December 29,1999 - Working can be rewarding if you willing to be honest with yourself.

December 28,1999 - Friends are very rare if you look hard at them. It's nice to have friends.

December 27,1999 - I can only smile at all I've been given in this lifetime already and wonder with great anticipation for what is to come.

December 26,1999 - I want for only one thing for Xmas from now on, Health for our families.

December 25,1999 - No matter how hard you try your never going to make some people happy.

December 24,1999 - Anticipation of gifts is nice. Anticipation of reactions to gifts given is the best.

December 23,1999 - I don't think there is a square wall in this house.

December 22,1999 - I'm now having problems with vision. How long will it take for me to convince myself to SEE a doctor about it?

December 21,1999 - It's art, if the artist is pleased.

December 20,1999 - On the downside, I have a cube for a office at work. But on the plus side, I get to cover 3 adjoining buildings of 8+ floors each so I rarely see it.

December 19,1999 - You should never go higher on a ladder than your willing to fall. Also good advice for those of you in the stock market.

December 18,1999 - I just love digital photography because it has gotten people involved with it as a profession.

December 17,1999 - I can't believe a terrorist thinks this gains favor when meeting a higher source.

December 16, 1999 - Cars and salt = rust. Bath your beast.

December 15, 1999 - Why does gravitational pull keep pushing my body down?

December 14, 1999 - Another horoscope, another fortune missed.

December 13, 1999 - I just love crispy sesame chicken.

December 12, 1999 - I wish my body was as strong as my mind. Opps maybe it is?

December 11, 1999 - Anyone use a online phone book yet. Its quite a habit to break going to that closet for it.

December 10, 1999 - Guess someone who is concerned the holidays are closing in would get shopping.

December 9, 1999 - Riding the elevators at work is like going on the Tower of Terror ride in MGM in Fla.

December 8, 1999 - Work goes by faster when I'm busy. No wonder time flies.

December 7, 1999 - We should never forget what this day symbolizes.

December 6, 1999 - Muscles seldom used fight back very well.

December 5, 1999 - Keep building things. We may get it right someday.

December 4, 1999 - Doors keep hitting me in the ass, think someone is trying to tell me something?

August 5,1999 - As I watch my neighbor in his garden I realize that this can be therapeutic for some people, just not me.

August 4,1999 - How come all my grass dies during this drought but me weeds survive?

August 3,1999 - Even though you may not get to church, you can always say a prayer anytime and feel better.

August 2,1999 - Frogs can be some partying creatures after dark as evidenced by all the noise they are making outside my window.

August 1,1999 - A friend of mine just retired for the 10th time today. You think I'd be happy for him. Trouble is, he's not 40 years old yet.

July 31,1999 - A old computer is like a old car. You cuss it most days, but when it comes time to get rid of it you feel an attachment to it.

July 30,1999 - Chemistry is the most important thing when working on a team.

July 29,1999 - Why do realtors get free advertising? Evidence, the hundreds of signs by the road each weekend.

July 28,1999 - Saw a person hit by a car today. People -SLOW THE HELL DOWN.

July 27,1999 - I learned to be easier on people today. I thought this person I worked with was a bit negative on life. Finding out that his daughter had been murdered a number of years before, I now look at him and think that he actually has a very positive outlook on life.

July 26,1999 - Taking for granted ones health leads to unwise choices in life.

July 25,1999 - Happy birthday to the best son in the world.

July 24,1999 - The more gas prices go up the more I like my car.

July 23,1999 - How is it that on your days off, there is never enough time. And on the days you work there is more time than ever?

July 22,1999 - Having a ear clogged is maddening.

July 21,1999 - I wish I had enough money to hire the yard being cut.

July 20,1999 - I just learned that whats hers is hers and whats mine is hers.

July 19,1999 - I'm not a big fan of ticketmaster. Service charge for it is outrageous.

July 18,1999 - While on vacation I rediscovered sleep. To bad my wife got used to me doing without it.

July 17,1999 - I have total disrespect for parents who have no control over their children.

July 16,1999 - In conquering my fear of heights, I learned there is much beauty from above.

July 15,1999 - It gets disappointing trying to do your best each day and others around you judging you on the what have you done for me lately attitude. Good thing I can look to a brighter future, or at least dream of one.

July 14,1999 - A good photographer is always in search of the perfect image.

July 13,1999 - Discovered on vacation that a water slide and my back are incompatible objects.

July 12,1999 - Even at the ripe old age of 42, I still consider pizza a good breakfast food.

July 11,1999 - The only kind of ride I like better than my motorcycle is the one on a crisp morning with the family on the boardwalk in Ocean City.

July 10,1999 - Made a swordfish on the beach today with the kids. I love sculpturing something out of nothing.

July 9,1999 - A day where the prime objective is to get a better tan is a good day.

July 8,1999 - Opps, back injury today. Figures I'd be on vacation. Till today I didn't know my back was able to talk to me.

July 7,1999 - The best piece of clothing ever made is the bikini.

July 6,1999 - Eating freshly caught seafood has no match unless you caught it yourself.

July 5,1999 - When is being big, fat and ugly a complement? If your a Maryland Blue Crab.

July 4,1999 - Nothing like the 4th of July fireworks with the family.

July 3,1999 - I love the beach. It's the sand in my bathing suit I hate.

July 2,1999 - Raising a child is a lot like trimming a tree. Give it lots of love, shape it correctly and you've given it the start in life it needs.

July 1,1999 - You can't have success in life till you can spell it correctly.

June 30,1999 - The more that goes wrong at work, the faster the day goes by.

June 29,1999 - Be weary of anyone who says yes!

June 28,1999 - Worked my first Monday in almost a year. Now I know why people hate them.

June 27,1999 - The best gift of all is something that is made by your kids for you, as I sit smiling at my new paperweight.

June 26,1999 - I'm beginning to think of my 28.8 modem as a eight track tape.

June 25,1999 - If the human body was invented to do situps, it would have come with springs.

June 24,1999 - People who are obsessive about wealth, miss the meaning of life.

June 23,1999 - Its OK to be obsessive about positive things in life.

June 22,1999 - Swimming is a cleansing experience.

June 21,1999 - Give people the benefit of the doubt until they screw up.

June 20,1999 - It's been a great fathers day. I must have done a few things right over the last year.

June 19,1999 - I run into at least 2 people a day that by their actions remind me not to be an asshole.

June 18,1999 - People who can make you laugh are priceless.

June 17,1999 - A match is a terrible thing to waste unless its used in lighting your barbecue grill.

June 16,1999 - Sometimes I get real mad at myself for quitting drinking. Today is one of those days.

June 15,1999 - Loud music is very good therapy.

June 14,1999 -

June 8,1999 - I'm getting tired of being conservative. Think I'll throw on the helmet and Motly Crew, raise some hell.

June 7,1999 - I should stay off my motorcycle when I'm mad. I keep having to replace the rear tire.

June 6,1999 - There is a very fine line between pushing children harder to learn more and pushing them over the edge by doing to much.

June 5,1999 - Marriage is a @^%*#^$ roller coaster.

June 4,1999 - Just realized I hadn't felt real pain in a while till I burned my leg.

June 3,1999 - My children are my proudest accomplishment in life.

June 2,1999 - Age is something I should learn to appreciate more each day.

June 1,1999 - Got my drivers license renewed today. Good chance to remind you all to be organ donors.

May 31,1999 - Many a prayer is said on this day of thanks. A salute to Memorial Day and the lives that were given.

May 30,1999 - Despite appearances, the world is a very dangerous place. Or is it the other way around?

May 29,1999 - A new computer is the easy thing to buy. The space to find room for the third one in the house is going to be a tough sell though.

May 28,1999 - Sleep can be done in short burst or in one fell swoop. Who am I kidding?

May 27,1999 - If it look at myself honestly I could do a lot better if I just would make the effort.

May 26,1999 - Watching the kids first swim of the season is worth all the hard work.

May 25,1999 - In the month of May in the state of Maryland a pool is nothing but work.

May 24,1999 - People are very needy creatures.

May 23,1999 - HMO's are a questionable way to run a medical profession.

May 22,1999 - I wish more of the people I though were friends would try to keep in touch more often.

May 21,1999 - We are a society of mathematicians. Why can't we find the equation to make us stop killing each other.

May 20,1999 - Its amazing how long lasting the floppy disk had been.

May 19,1999 - The lottery is one big scam. I bet the odds are better in Vegas.

April 28,1999 - Going back to work after 3 day weekends is like going back after a vacation. It takes a few minutes to get back in the swing of things.

April 27,1999 - Round 1 is a draw. Got the yard cut without major injury but weed wacker wouldn't start so the trimming isn't done.

April 26,1999 - Painting is much more fun when its your daughters room and she gives you a big hug after the job is done.

April 25,1999 - I earn a new job title from my family each spring and summer. Pool Boy.

April 24,1999 - Housed in the the voice of wisdom and those pearls of experience are some pretty inflexible views.

April 23,1999 - The day everyone thought DC would be a traffic nightmare. Everyone stayed home. One of the most pleasant daytime drives in DC I've experienced.

April 22,1999 - I would like a digital camera, I need a digital camera. I'll never get this one by the wife.

April 21,1999 - Be a positive role model for someone today. You may be saving a life tomorrow.

April 20,1999 - Each day I try to take one less thing for granted and I enjoy life more.

April 19,1999 - The war machine cranks up again. I've changed the oil on the mower and put a new ball of string on the weed wacker.

April 18,1999 - Twas a fine Sunday morning to sleep in.

April 17,1999 - A small monitor is better than no monitor.

April 16,1999 - I would say that I have the Number 1 crop of weeds in my neighborhood. Several of my neighbors are mounting a serious charge though.

April 15,1999 - Ahh, tax day. May we all salute the IRS with the appropriate sign. Thank you, that feels much better.

April 14,1999 - Nothing like the Yankees beating the Orioles to get the baseball juices going again.

April 13,1999 - I found out that a major accomplishment in life is getting the bookcase and file cabinets cleaned out.

April 12,1999 - First day without cigarette. All else was normal. Except that I wanted a cigarette all day. Who's assine idea was it to quit anyway.

April 11,1999 - Listen to your body. Its trying to tell you something.

April 10,1999 - I fear a terrorist act in D.C. more than I fear getting mugged. Unless I'm outside the building then I fear both equally.

April 9,1999 - There's so much stuff rattling around in my head that someone needs to take a highlighter to it to get it to make any sense.

April 8,1999 - Rain can be beautiful unless its spilling over a section of your gutters that its not supposed to.

April 7,1999 - Shooting hoops takes me back to my youth more often then not. I just wish it brought back a few of the skills I once had. Not that they were plentiful either.

April 6,1999 - If you see someone who is troubled. Don't shy away, it may be difficult at first but it feels real good if you could help.

April 5,1999 - A woman's memory never fails to impress me.

April 4,1999 - Comedy and Music are my drugs of choice.

April 3,1999 - The responsiblilty of being a citizen in the worlds strongest power is be involved in its actions.

April 2,1999 - What separates us from the third world is the lottery game. We mistakenly think we have hope while they see none.

April 1,1999 - My monitor died on me today as a April fools joke. Guess its on me.

March 31,1999 - The Wizards are either the unluckiest organization in sports or one of the most inept.

March 30,1999 - Friendships that are the most important always require the most work.

March 29,1999 - Each time I first get the mower out each spring I hear the theme song of Patton playing in my head.

March 28,1999 - Favorite sign hanging in friends bathroom. "My aim is to keep this place clean, your aim will help too".

March 27,1999 - A Bic is still a damm good pen. To bad they aren't needed anymore.

March 26,1999 - My knees make more sounds than the rest of my body combined.

March 25,1999 - I drive more on two wheels and ride more in four.

March 24,1999 - Honesty gathers its own respect.

March 23,1999 - Practice is the mother of perfection.

March 22,1999 - Weights don't sculpt the body, its the mind that lifts them.

March 21,1999 - Work is like a light switch, your either on or off.

March 20,1999 - I fancy myself as a collector, my wife fancies me a junk man.

March 19,1999 - Painting is the easy part, its the prep work that kills you.

March 18,1999 - Toaster Strudel has now replaced Pop Tarts as the breakfast of champions.

March 17,1999 - Love is something you wake up and give each day. Not something you just say.

March 16,1999 - We could save a few forest by recycling business cards.

March 15,1999 - I should have listened more in English class at school.

March 14,1999 - I believe the arts are very important for a childs growth.

March 13,1999 - Kids are much better at video games than I. ie: the adult population.

March 12,1999 - Fake smiles are easy to see though.

March 11,1999 - Each day it rains its like getting a free car wash. At least those of us without a garage.

March 10,1999 - One can be lonely even though they may be surrounded by people.

March 9,1999 - The Jerry Springer show will die of its own stupidity.

March 8,1999 - Peoples perception of others is too paranoid for me.

March 7,1999 - Age is a blessing.

March 6,1999 - Certification is a piece of paper that says you completed a class and listened well. Experience is executing and learning the lessons they didn't teach you.

March 5,1999 - A photograph captures a moment in time. A good photograph elicits or shares the emotion of the moment.

March 4,1999 - I don't remember solitaire being as fun with a deck of cards as it is on a computer. No I'm not a game addict.

March 3,1999 - The shorter I cut my hair, the more I notice my hairline receding.

March 2,1999 - Work is rewarding if you invest something in it.

March 1,1999 - Darkness isn't as intimidating if you spend some time in it.

February 28,1999 - I don't need a scale, my basement stairs tell me when I'm gaining to much weight.

February 27,1999 - Getting older makes every day sweeter.

February 26,1999 - If my wife wants my cloths in the hamper than see should put a basketball hoop over it with the lid open.

February 25,1999 - There's nothing like dusting off the old glove and tossing the ball around with the kids.

February 24,1999 - Counter steering not only works well on a motorcycle but also in marriage.

February 23,1999 - Accomplishment is not something you look back on but forward to.

February 22,1999 - Overconfidence turns off your learning switch.

February 21,1999 - My wife just pointed out to me that I'm starting to get a bald spot. Now I can start my mid life crisis.

February 20,1999 - Shopping is the root of all evil. At least it is if your wife wants you to do it on your day off.

February 19,1999 - The heating pad is a wonderful device.

February 18,1999 - There a wonderful people all around you. You just have to open your mouth and say HI.

February 17,1999 - An unsettled work schedule leads to an unsettled home life.

February 16,1999 - Vacuum cleaners should have a switch on them that disables them till at least noon.

February 15,1999 - It's nice to still have a child young enough that wakes you up and wants to play with you.

February 14,1999 - I've never seen a horoscope specific enough to apply to any given day I've lived.

February 13,1999 - Addiction of any sorts is a very serious illness.

February 12,1999 - A good craftsman ask questions.

February 11,1999 - People who complain there is nothing on TV at night haven't sat through daytime programing.

February 10,1999 - Good weather does great things for the spirit.

February 9,1999 - Getting in and out is even worse than the parking in D.C.

February 8,1999 - Parking in D.C. is a bite.

February 7,1999 - Knowledge is at it's best when it's shared.

February 6,1999 - Batteries seem to last about the same time they did 20 years ago despite the claims of new, improved, longer lasting and energized.

February 5,1999 - I hold the person making threats against workers at the Post in the highest contempt.

February 4,1999 - Sports seasons for kids haven't changed sense I was a kid 30 years ago. It's the parents attitudes that have changed.

February 3,1999 - The best part of February is those little candy hearts they put out for Valentines day.

February 2,1999 - A pet is a wonderful gift spirit and love.

February 1,1999 - Most of us are in to much of a hurry most of the time.

January 30,1999 - Happy 40th birthday to my sister. Someone I should make more of a effort to know better.

January 29,1999 - Wonder who is watching you, because someone is buying a ton of surveillance goods.

January 28,1999 - You can find beauty in any human being.

January 27,1999 - Sleep is a highly over-rated activity.

January 26,1999 - Facing even minor surgery is a bit discomforting.

January 25,1999 - A Happy birthday to the best woman in the world, my wife Patti.

January 24,1999 - There is no bad way to start a three day weekend.

January 23,1999 - A good way to relieve stress, break you pager.

January 22,1999 - Pain is felt in the mind, unless it's a people problem, then it's felt in the ass.

January 21,1999 - The best reward in life is helping others better their situation on earth.

January 20,1999 - At the rate businesses are swallowing each other up we will all fall under 1 mega company by the year 2009.

January 19,1999 - I bet that office gambling could pay off our national debt.

January 18,1999 - Teams that argue openly go nowhere quickly and on second thought aren't teams at all.

January 17,1999 - Organization has it's benefits, but it makes it hard to find things if you've been disorganized all your life.

January 16,1999 - A good friend with a drug problem is a hard thing to watch.

January 15,1999 - A break from things you love is even good for the soul.

January 5,1999 - You ever notice how pissed a doctors office staff is if you 5 minutes late. But in the same vane they don't mind keeping you waiting a half hour at a pop.

January 4,1999 - I noticed that cops get really mad if you run from them, as I watch at least 10 police cars chasing this car through Ellicott City.

January 3,1999 - Duke is a very good basketball team but I still believe that MD will win the NCAA championship.

January 2,1999 - I know that Aerosmith still rocks because their live double set just blew up a set of speakers.

January 1,1999 - It's also no fun working New Years Day.