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a lighthearted look at life day by day for the year 1998

December 31,1998 - It's no fun working New Years Eve. I missed kissing my wife for the first time in 20 years at midnight.

December 18,1998 - A new kitten is just like having to child proof you house all over again.

December 17,1998 - I look at the cassette tapes on my monitor and realize they are now the same as owning a 8Track in the 80s.

December 16,1998 - Writing parking tickets all day is a punishment worse than getting a ticket.

December 15,1998 - Stress is doing something you've never done before.

December 14,1998 - Marylands mens basketball team is so good they will win the NCAA championship.

December 13,1998 - Pools can be work in the dead of winter.

December 12,1998 - I endorse the following security systems, Winchester, Remington, Smith & Wesson.

December 11,1998 - Taking pictures is capturing life.

December 10,1998 - Everyone who isn't on the the net thinks they need to be but don't have a clue how to get there or what it is.

December 9,1998 - Adopting a pet is a great thing to do. Having them spayed or neutered saves suffering of future generations.

December 8,1998 - Companionship can never be over-rated. Trouble is you don't know this till you don't have any.

December 7,1998 - I spoke to my Uncle today who was on the deck of the West Virginia at Pearl Harbor this day 57 years ago. He is a lucky man as he says in his own words. A brave one in my view.

December 6,1998 - One of the great rewards of parenthood is getting to go to the toy store as a grown adult and put your mind on a 10 year olds level and have fun. You'll get the kids what they want that way.

December 5,1998 - I did some outdoor Xmas lights for the first time. They look nice but I feel so commercial.

December 4,1998 - I still feel like playing air guitar from time to time.

December 3,1998 - I'm having a lot more fun watching my kids little league basketball games than I ever did at a pro game. Now the U of MD. is another matter.

December 2,1998 - Holiday's are hard times for people with drinking problems.

December 1,1998 - Relationships are seldom 50/50. It's trying to hit that average that's important.

November 30,1998 - Leaf raking can be very therapeutic.

November 29,1998 - Motorcyclist are a very friendly group. We all greet each other at every opportunity.

November 28,1998 - There are 77 traffic lights between my home and work.

November 27,1998 - I'm working a two day week this week after a stretch of 5 days off. I could get used to this sort of thing.

November 26,1998 - A bird in the hand on this day is soon in the stomach.

November 25,1998 - If your alive you got something to be thankful for.

November 24,1998 - We keep developing ways to deal with our garbage problem each day, but I can't help but believe that we are losing this war. Don't Pollute.

November 23,1998 - Never hesitate to take your car back to the mechanic if the job isn't done right.

November 22,1998 - The U of MD. mens hoop team is damm good.

November 21,1998 - Getting a second computer at home makes me a full fledged nerd.

November 20,1998 - Politicians can spend our money quicker than a prostitute buying crack.

November 19,1998 - Wind and cold are a nasty mix.

November 18,1998 - Learning is one of the great rewards in life. Being humble with it is another skill.

November 17,1998 - Why is it women get everything they need when they go to the store and men can't seem to do it in less than 3 trips. As I make my way out the door and back to the hardware store.

November 10,1998 - We all need to be better finishers in life. As I sit pondering finishing hooking up the used wood stove in the basement.

November 9,1998 - If you speak up and let news organizations know that you also want positive news along with the days tragities, they might just listen.

November 8,1998 - Being a Frank Zappa fan I find it ironic that I went to St. Alphonsos Pancake breakfast this morning with the family.

November 7,1998 - Lying is not being able to deal with reality.

November 6,1998 - Even though I work weekends, Friday's still feel good.

November 5,1998 - Despite the cold weather I had to take my bike out just to hear it start. What a wonderful sound.

November 4,1998 - One of the worst examples we set for our children today is illustrated by the recent NBA lockout. Greedy people at war with each other while at the same time ruining a great sport for the rest of us. To hell with both of the selfish bastards. I'm going to a college ball game.

November 3,1998 - Election days will always hold surprises, note one professional wrestler elected Governor of Minnesota. Next big surprise, he will do the right thing.

November 2,1998 - Reading alone does not beget intelligence, it's what you read.

November 1,1998 - Working out in some fashion is good for the mental spirit.

October 31,1998 - I always thought that Washington D.C. had some weird characters. You should see the place on Halloween though.

October 30,1998 - It bothers me when I see people treating pets as disposable items.

October 29,1998 - I hate seeing parents with no interest in their own kids.

October 28,1998 - A haircut is a great way to let the mind wander.

October 27,1998 - One of my best friends lost his father to cancer today. May they both hear our prayers.

October 26,1998 - A pager is a bleeping pain in the hip.

October 25,1998 - There is something to be said for having someone know you better than you know yourself. Happy anniversary Patti!

October 24,1998 - Panic is the day before your wedding anniversary and knowing you forgot to get a card.

October 23,1998 - A man who lays brick has a good eye.

October 22,1998 - Computers are a tool that when used properly can enlighten the mind.

October 21,1998 - It's a great day to be a YANKEE FAN. Congrats to a group who knows what Teamwork can accomplish.

October 20,1998 - I hold my breath anytime anyone I know flies in a plane.

October 19,1998 - Any motorcycle ride in October where it's 80 degrees or more is a great ride.

October 18,1998 - A christening is a event that makes kids afraid of water.

October 17,1998 - To miss one of your childs sporting events is to miss a part of your life.

October 16,1998 - Exercise is a pain in the back. At least mine.

October 15,1998 - A rowing machine is something that should be put in the water and allowed to sink.

October 14,1998 - A stationary bike will never be hit by a car.

October 8, 1998 - Working with your son on a carpentry project is a very rewarding experience.

October 7, 1998 - People who think life is to short, have a good time at it.

October 6, 1998 - You may think the most dangerous drivers are the ones talking on the phone, doing their hair and makeup, reading a book or writing notes. Actually it's the person who is physically in the car but mind is 100 miles away in another spot.

October 5, 1998 - Ever notice how people who smoke, don't consider throwing a butt on the ground littering.

October 4, 1998 - You can tell a tourist on the Metro system. There the ones talking and smiling. The rest of us are going back and forth to work.

October 3, 1998 - Those who stand on the left side of escalators also drive in the passing lane at 45mph.

October 2, 1998 - Winterizing your pool is not half as fun as opening it.

October 1, 1998 - You really don't know you have dishes till the dishwasher breaks.

September 30, 1998 - My favorite songs are whatever my daughter is playing on her trumpet and whatever my son is singing in the shower.

September 9, 1998 - If one has no fear of heights. One has no fear of death. As I ponder life from my roof. I fear both.

September 8, 1998 - Gravity is very noticeable if you have back problems.

September 7, 1998 - The definition of Labor Day. A day to catch up on all the labor you missed doing due to doing labor for someone else.

September 6, 1998 - Time with your children is a great way to refill your tank.

September 5, 1998 - The Internet is proof that you can't always believe what you read. But that was true the the first time pen was put to paper.

September 4, 1998 - Being able to enjoy an assist as much as the person who scores the goal shows that you enjoy a team sport.

September 3, 1998 - Listening is a function of ones mind. Interpreting is a function of the heart.

September 2, 1998 - A dart board is a lot like life. It's tough hitting the bullseye every throw.

September 1,1998 - The number of opinions on any given topic is directly proportional to the number of pairs of eyes at the time.

August 31, 1998 - The last day of August always feels like the last day of summer to me.

August 30, 1998 - A sunrises beauty is dependent on what time one went to bed.

August 29, 1998 - I think I spend more time maintaining my pool than enjoying it. Good thing I have a family to balance it out, I guess.

August 28, 1998 - The number of weatherman working at any given station does not increase the accuracy of the forecast.

August 27, 1998 - It's strange how some music transcends generations. I say this as my daughter dances to Queen's "We are the Champions".

August 26, 1998 - I wished my son liked school as much as he likes sports.

August 25, 1998 - Looks like our annual Hurricane panic season is getting off to a fine start.

August 24, 1998 - The only good Monday is when it's one of your days off.

August 23, 1998 - Who ever said Sunday's are a day or rest didn't have a family, job or home.

August 22, 1998 - Learn some sign language. It will come in HANDY some day.

August 21, 1998 - A 3.5 horsepower mower is to little for a 1.25 acre yard.

August 20, 1998 - There are far to many people with serious mental disabilities wandering around.

August 19, 1998 - People who drive with total disregard for the conditions should be treated with total disregard.

August 18, 1998 - Luckily, stupidity of people is only exceeded common sense. But those on the first side really make it tough for the rest of use.

August 17, 1998 - Who ever thought the most important thing in Washington would be a President cheating and getting caught and them having to tell all the details to everyone. I wonder if the public spin story is as good as the one he tells Hillary.

August 16, 1998 - I have great managers. They let us share in decision making but take the responsibility for it all.

August 15, 1998 - If you don't have cable TV you can still have a life.

August 14, 1998 - One advantage of being a nocturnal human is no traffic.

August 13,1998 - Why is it during summer kids have no problem waking up at 6 or 7am while during the school year they act like they just got to sleep.

August 12,1998 - Stupidity and Greed are the new partners in Major sports. Inspired by the pending Hoop strike.

August 11,1998 - With my daughter in dating range soon the gray hairs on my chin will be moving north.

August 10, 1998 - Putting weight on takes no thought at all while losing it takes total concentration.

August 9, 1998 - Courage is leaving your comfort zone.

August 8, 1998 - One can only top themselves if they strive to.

August 7, 1998- Never close your eye to making a new friend. It could always turn out to be your best one.

August 6, 1998 - The distance between two points is only as great as the anticipation or dread of the destination.

August 5, 1998 - A computer is only as good as the hands that lay upon it.

August 4, 1998 - There is no such thing as a bad sunrise.