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That is what I feel when I'm taking pictures. It helps me look at life and my surroundings in a special way. It opens my eyes and mind to all that we share this planet with. It makes me look for that special smile on a childs face. Anticipation, exhilaration of what you might have captured in that rectangle in the back of your camera

Excitement also comes from not knowing if that image is going to be as special as you think it was when you snapped it. Some of my best ones are in between what I thought I wanted when I shot it.

I love to share what I've been lucky enough to see and maybe point out some things we should change.

It's like a drug. I got to do my daily shot.

Background Skills and Luck

I started in High School with yearbook and local newspaper photography. Boy talk about some embarrassing work. Then it was off to a year of college and a few courses on Photography. I at least got comfortable with the equipment. I also studied the history and different facets well.

I didn't like the idea of my creative talents or lack thereof being put in the context of a job so its just been a hobby till as of late.

While I've had no professional training at this art the practical experience that I have gained is hopefully serving me well. I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with some of the best shooters in the world, at Patuxent Publishing and The Washington Post.

What am I Trying to DO here!

I want to move people. I want to evoke some kind of emotion or pleasure or thought.

I want to be very well rounded and be able to shoot people as well as things, action as well as still lifes, day as well as night, domestic as well as wild, rich as well as poor. You get the idea. I want it all and I will work very hard developing it all.

I'm also trying to show what skills I have and hope that it leads to more productive and profitable work in the future along with the web design that is developing into a business.

If I were to be so lucky I would like to think that I could improve some part of the world through this work.

The Right Spot, Eyes WIDE OPEN and Ready to Shoot

Each day I know I can do better work. Each shot will teach me something. And I hope for a little luck along the way.

I never think that I can't get the shot. I try to make it better by looking harder but I also use my gut instinct a lot.

It means taking the camera where ever I go. It means always having a few extra rolls. It means looking and thinking constantly about what could be the best image or just what you need to fill out that new section you thought of for the internet side.

It's all worth it each time I see the prints. If nothing else I've made myself happy.

I like and use Kodak Film

I love Nikon Glass

If you don't see anyone behind the counter above 20 years of age don't give your film to them.

I don't look at taking pictures as work. That part is the processing, printing, detailing, mounting, framing, showing, advertising and selling.

It's not how good of a camera you have that yields the final results but it helps.