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Well I knew this town was a little strange before I got there as evendence of this sign, and I also knew that it was very beautiful. The surfing sign (to the left) can be found in the heart of the city near the Mueseum of Art.

The following shots were taken in a three hour period between a trade show (NAA Nexpo - Newspaper Association of America) visit that I went on as part of the Washington Post this past June.

I found the city to be a photographers dream town. I just wish I had more time to shoot. That is if I could get that fork away from my mouth. This is one of the best eating towns I've visited.

The Fishermans Warf area is alive with the smells sounds and taste of the sea. I thought I had it good living here in the heart of the Cheasapeake Bay area but this may challange that. The one thing that remains is that Maryland Crabs are still the best but if I were away from home and wanted seafood, this is the place. Sorry about that New Orleans but they got you beat on the seafood but don't worry you still are the spice king of the world.


There are many street vendors working the Warf selling fresh caught seafood and these guys are a master with a mallet. You really don't get a chance to watch them. It's like a magician. Their work is done before you even see it.

Everywhere you looked there was one of these yellow beast overhead. This skyline is changing faster than the fog that rolls in and out each day.

Wish I could have caugh someone with knowledge of earthquake stability of these skyscrappers.

May this town never swing again.


The mayor of this city Willie L. Brown gave a exciting welcome speach where he pointed out some of the wonderful things about his town. He referred to one on the picture to the left. He calls these things the city bird, (the constuction Crane). I can see why because this is the only bird I saw beside pigions.






Better yet is taking one of the oldest forms of transportation around this city and something that its famous for. The Cable Cars. They cris cross this city and make it a easy and entertaining ride. I have yet to meet a Cable brakeman who wasn't a comic at heart. These are some great rides. Just remember to keep your arms and legs inside these babies because the space between you and the next one passing in the oposite direction or that parked car on the side is measured in inches.




I was a fan of the show, Streets of San Francisco at one time and I remembered them using this church for an episode about a priest charged with murder. By the way if you do go visit this wonder its on one of the steepest hills I walked in town.

This row of townhomes was just up from the church on the way to the Coyt tower.

Now I see why Californians don't have a problem with mountain climbing.



When I saw the buses running on these things I thought to myself, its a lot better than that blast of diesel smoke I get each day in D.C. In some places this mesh is a bit in the way of the beauty of the town but in other spots its got a bit of art to itself.


For a town this size I felt quiet safe at all times. I guess any town goes to big pains to keep tourist happy but I think its more than that. I know I didn't feel unconfortable walking the town. But I was out during the day most of the times. Anyway, I thought I'd honor those in blue with the shot on the right. Bet these guys thighs are like stones riding up and down those hills.

You never knew what you would see around any corner. I found myself pointing and shooting just out of surprise at the color or contrast.




Fountains abound in this town in the short visit I had. Some were quite well planned and executed. It seemed to provide those around them with a sence of calm.

The buildings are quite a contrast to each other at points

I call this one the American Leaning Tower of Peeza. Hope nobody was inside.

I was lucky enough to be staying at the Marriot downtown and shown here on the right. Thats about 20 floors up the side of the building there. The thing that caugh my eye was the ladders on each floor going up to the window areas in the middle.


I'm looking forward to going back someday soon and shooting much more of this area. I didn't even get a chance to get to Alcatraz Island or the Golden Gate Bridge. But I did see a number of beautiful things.




And again for each corner I turned another surprise. Thats a big Nike billboard with a nude runner with the exception of those Nike shoes.




These guys like the doors open to their bar so they can enjoy all the sights of the town while watching their afternoon soap opras.





Cute can't begin to descibe some of the children I saw in this town.







The sky was so blue most days that it seemed that it was painted on. I'll leave you on this sky theam and hope you enjoyed my quick visit to San Francisco.



Eat well and enjoy the sights.