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Woodstock, Maryland 21163

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Initial Design Quotes and Consultation are FREE

Whether your an individual or large corporation, you need to address your electronic communication needs.We can help you do that effectively.


Ease of Use through Navigation. Great Content through writing, design and illustration. Quick to Respond by minimizing load times to a target of 10 seconds or less.


We Build Sites that work for People. Companies don't use sites. People do!

About Us

A small group providing copy writing, design, hosting, graphic, photographic, programming experience and a love for what we do. Were not much on database integration, your latest and greatest Flash development, search engine or e commerce site builders. What we do, we do well.

We don't take on more than we can handle which means you get the attention you deserve and want. We take what we feel benefits both parties. Notice the part that we don't have. It's a sales and marketing team. We talk directly to you and not through intermediaries. That way we both as customer and servicer can determine if it is a good fit for both of us.


Simplicity in a world of excess can stand out better than the latest and greatest tricks. Things can be small and effective at the same time. Its all in the details.


We can make it so the client takes care of the updates or filters information and content through us for placement on the site.

Basic Rates

  • $25 per hour for straight HTML pages
  • $35 per hour for Photography Services (not including film and processing)
  • $40 per hour for Animations and Illustrations
  • $60 per hour CGI Programming
  • Web Server Statistics priced on a as needed basis.
  • Database integration priced by project.
  • List of Clients

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