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I know it's conjested a lot of the time but Route 70 from one end to the other is one nice stretch of black assphault. Not only that, it's one of the safest areas to really wind it up if you feel so inclined.

Watch out for the new light at Turf Valley Road, just before Marriotsville Road on the Route 40 merge with Route 70.

For as much as it rains around here I think we need to build more bridges to stop under.


You should check out the State Capitol in Annapollis. Parking can be a pain but its a great little town to tool around and stop for some great food.

So much of life gets in the way of riding which makes me think that riding should be my next job.


Heading east on Route 50 is one of my favorite parts of summer. That is unless its a weekend day and you like sitting in parking lots.

Just wait till they lower the draw bridge going into Ocean City before entering. That is unless you think your Evil Kenivel

 The only thing better than being on two wheels is being on one.

Taking that trip. Make sure you know how to get there. These services should help you!