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Best Roads - Central Maryland

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New Cut Road | Route 29 | Homewood-Folly Quarter-Shepard Lane | Route 99 | Route 144 |

New Cut Road

A short stretch between Ellicott City and Mountgomery Road. What used to be avoided like the plauge years ago because a county dump site, is today a quiet, tree and stream lined road that twist and turns with no shoulders. But if you in the area it cuts out a lot of conjestion in either coming down Mountgomery Rd to Columbia Pike. It is the road I take when I need a quick refresher somewhere near my home.

Route 29

Route 29 in Howard County - 3 lanes each way with no lights. Takes you through the heart of Howard County. I've logged more miles on this road than just about any other.

Homewood Road - Folly Quarter - Shepard Lane

3 nice country roads with lots of twist and turns. Sceneic areas of farms, streams and country living. Shepard lane has a nice new coat of assphault.

The University of Maryland Farm is along this route.

Also you have Hayes Airport along Shepard Lane. Take a minute and watch a few planes come in and out on the weekends.

Route 99

What used to be a great place to cruise has become land for suburban homesteaders (what area of the state hasn't). It's still a nice ride but with so many people added along it's path it's getting much more dangerous as time goes by with dozens of new entrances which those in cars assume they own. TIP: Great snowball stand on Route 99 and Woodstock Road.

Route 144 - Tridelphia Road

Route 144 - Tridelphia Road