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An interesting link to a report on the Maryland Motorcycle Rider Safety Course and its effects


Opinion from Mike Hartley

A little & 2 wheels is a match.

I wish it took bike dealers shorter time to service bikes. It cuts into my riding time.

When that huge bug hits you between the eyes and you don't flinch, you da man.

When you have more leather, body armor, gloves and boots for biking than regular cloths, you have made the crossover to Nirvana.

Dirt and Air are like breathing to a MotoCross Rider.

One thing that will make you pause and consider riding more safely is to go to the tow yard and look at the crashed bikes and then consider what happened to the driver.

Saw a fellow rider driving in a hail storm today. Sounds like a making of a worst ride story. He was on a Beemer with a windshield also.

I may have crossed that boundary, I miss the wife as much as the bike. Or is that the other way around.

Ride to The WALL. Support your Veterans. They made this life possible for all of us.

The most unsung artist is a tank and fender painter.

Use your mirrors for something other than looking at your hair after you get off the bike.

It used to be called carving highways, now its asphalt surfing.

Nirvana is having a bike shop within a few miles of home.

Turns to a cruiser is like a straight line to a crotch rocket.

The only time I like getting gas is in my bike.

I wish this keyboard had a throttle.

Bike brand snobbery is just plain discrimination. Remember were all on two wheels.

Pulling wheelies is looking at the sky in a whole new perspective.

Love this quote from a tee shirt I saw today. "You Don't Stop Riding Because your get OLD. You Get OLD because You Stop RIDING."

The more I talk to the average rider, the more I think I need to ride more and spend less time at this computer.

If your toughest decision of the day is whether to go with the tinted or clear shield, it's been a good day.

One should never feel they have to have the newest and fastest bike around. Unless your made of money and have a large garage.

I have nothing against road construction except everything.

Buy a good seat. Your butt will thank you.

In buying a new home it is always a good idea to let the realtor know about motorcycle living arrangement needs up front.

Given the number of idiots we run into on the road its no wonder why some of them make it to work with you.

Fill in your own caption here.

Capabilities is a word to remember when driving.

Nothing clears your head quicker than a fractured skull.

It takes stones to scrape knees.

If you don't care about the rest of us, save yourself. Don't drive TANKED

Save yourself heart bypass surgery. Hit triple digit speeds and that will keep those arteries clear.

I just love that tee shirt. And no disrespect intended to the ladies.