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The Insurance Pages


Local Insurance Firms

National Insurance Firms

Tips and Tricks

My Journey for Insurance


Or as I like to refer to it, The condom page. Are you protected?

Well, Uncle requires you to have it.

If not get ready to fork over some

You have found the page to meet all your Insurance needs. Partisipate with us in feedback about this industry and how it has helped or failed you the RIDER!

A personal journey for Insurance. Hopefully I can pass on some tips for you in your search for the best coverage around.

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Drinking and putting 4 wheels under you is risky. Drinking and putting 2 wheels under you is asking to die.

Tips and Tricks

We have prepared a few tips and tricks to help you stay covered and save money at the same time.

  • Pay anually and save about 3-10%.
  • Shop around every two years.
  • Take a rider safety course for additional discounts.
  • Join AMA
  • Just because your car/truck insurance is with an agent you've bee with forever don't count on the best deal. They have their hands tied in some cases with competitive rates.
  • Give your local dealers a call and ask if they are affiliated with anyone or could suggest someone they have had success with.
  • Do you keep your bike in a locked garage/basement. Discount savings baby.

Has your bike been Stolen? Check the recovered property report from all county and state agencies.

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Its never to late to start them off.


Coming Soon

See our Insurance Comparison chart of Local and National Companies.

Visit our Safety Section for the lastest and tried and true techniques to keep you alive on and off the road.

Then if your really diligent you should visit our Training section for all the places you can go and become a better rider.

It is also intended to give feedback by YOU the Rider as to how well these companies respond to the need for insurance when it arises. Please respond to the survey at the bottom of the page if you would like to include your input to the Insurance area.

FinanceAdvocate.commotorcycles.htm - Some good explanations about types of coverage for you and your bike.

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Maryland Motorcycle Safety Week

Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

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Local Companies

  • Rick Jacob Insurance Agency
  • Maryland Motorcycle Insurance Agents
  • First Insurance Group of Maryland
  • American Heritage Insurance Agency Of Maryland, Inc.
  • Insurance Quotes by Cherricks Insurance
    Maryland Insurance Information
  • Howard and Anne Arundel Auto Insurance Rates
  • Maryland Vehicle THEFT Prevention Council
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    National Firms

  • Progressive Motorcycle Insurance
  • Insurance for Maryland
  • 4 Free Quotes
  • Insurance Company.Com
  • America Insurance Agency
  • Get-Insurance.Net
  • DCAP Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance National Agency Link List
  • Motorcycle Insurance .Net
  • Robert H. Leonhart Insurance Agency
  • Quote Advantage
  • Rider Point online insurance broker
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  • Our own Public Service Page
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation
  • National Association of
    State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
  • Motorcycle Tips and Techniques
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • ATV Safety Training Programs
  • Accident Scene Management
  • Kisam Technologies
  • Signal Dynamics
  • High Performance Headlights
  • Gary's Motorcycle Safety and Touring Page
  • U.S. Roads
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Fatility Report for Motorcyclist.
  • And if you have already gone to far and hurt yourself you can visit the Injured Bikers Site
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    Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program

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